By engaging our services or partnering with us digitally, you hereby consent to our terms and policies governing the collection, usage, and disclosure of your data, subject to our established security protocols.

At Link Placement, we are deeply committed to leveraging the latest innovations to enhance satisfaction for both our clients and customers. We understand that security encompasses a multitude of elements, which is why our security measures are designed to safeguard both protection and privacy. Our privacy policies prioritize security strategies, carefully curated based on their significance. With our advanced security systems, we ensure the utmost utilization of your data. Clients can explore our products, purchase plans, and applications, and browse our websites through our primary platform. Our privacy policy outlines the data clients provide us when selecting or purchasing one of our services or plans.

Nevertheless, our site and admin panel retain the authority to update, refresh, or revise the privacy policy, including the encryption processes. However, it is our moral and ethical duty, as well as the responsibility of our admin panel, to promptly notify clients of any existing or prospective changes, along with the security strategies aimed at ensuring the highest level of privacy. Additionally, we kindly request you to review the key points outlined in our privacy policy. Your continued use of our services will be based on the terms outlined in this current privacy policy.


1. The Personal Data We Collect from Clients and the Purpose of Data Aggregation

Firstly, our website collects non-personal information irrespective of your interaction with it. This information encompasses various data points necessary for subsequent procedures, ranging from non-identifiable to potentially identifiable. It includes details such as your internet connection and hardware specifications, browser type, language preferences, the timestamp of your visit, and one or more cookies that may uniquely identify your browser.

The second category pertains to personal data necessary for establishing and maintaining records. We require you to furnish information such as your full name, credit card details, billing address, email address, Skype ID, or any other preferred contact information, as well as system data and your activities on our websites. Additionally, any other data provided by you while utilizing our site features, purchasing plans, or engaging with us in any manner is also included.

We refrain from clustering data related to clients, particularly personal clinical information, racial or ethnic origins, political or religious beliefs, or sexuality.

If any data regarding our client/s is found to be inaccurate or erroneous, or if there are changes to our clients’ details, or if the client/s wish to obtain a copy of the data we have retained, we kindly ask them to reach out to us by simply sending a “hi” via our website. This will enable our admin team to ensure the accuracy and currency of our records. Moreover, clients are also entitled to communicate with the admin panel regarding the deletion or permanent removal of some or all of the data we have collected about them. This process is as convenient as removing it from our own site.

Clients have the option to manage the data on their profile, such as their photograph, city, or region. The admin panel of Link Placement does not require any other data. It is entirely up to the client’s discretion whether to include sensitive information in their bio and to disclose such information if deemed appropriate. However, clients are kindly requested not to post or add excessively personal information to their profile that would not be suitable for public access.

Our admin panel collects personal information from the client only when it is voluntarily provided, submitted, or uploaded to our services for access without objection or hesitation.

If a client does not provide or transfer individual information which is required; may restrict the area of our access.

Also, and just upon clients’ award of individual consents, we might and allowed to gather data from specialist co-ops belonging outside.

Our data protection and privacy maintenance personnel recognize the importance of handling clustered data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union and adhere to the provisions outlined in Article 39. Clients can contact our data protection and privacy maintenance team regarding security inquiries related to their usage of the service by emailing our site.

2. How We Collect Data from Clients

When a client wishes to purchase our services for utilization, our site may collect certain types of data in a routine manner when the client accesses or utilizes one of our service plans, completes surveys, sends and receives communications, performs search queries, and engages in marketing activities.

Our site/s utilizes various technologies to collect and transfer data to the storage system when clients use our services. This may involve the use of cookies and similar tracking technologies on our websites. Our system operates as follows: pixels and web beacons analyze patterns, manage the sites, track clients’ movements around the sites, serve advertisements, and organize demographic information about our client base overall.


Our admin utilizes a variety of cookies to aid us in providing our clients with a personalized experience and to enhance the usability of our websites, products, and systems for users or clients. Clients have the option to configure their browsers according to their preferences to restrict or block cookies and similar technologies.

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